Can Genesis be Compatible with Evolution?

This is an excellent panel discussion, provided by the Veritas Forum, between two scientists and an Old Testament scholar. It covers questions regarding an informed reading of the Genesis creation account, age of the earth, the origin of humanity and a literal Adam and Eve.

The panelists are Jeffrey P. Schloss, Tremper Longman, S. Joshua Swamidass and the discussion was recordexd at the University of California, Santa Barbara, on 9th February 2012.

Jeffrey P. Schloss is Distinguished Professor and T. B. Walker Chair of Biology at Westmont College. He received his undergraduate degree in Biology from Wheaton College and doctoral training in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology from University of Michigan and Washington University. He has held teaching appointments at the University of Michigan, Wheaton College, and the Global Stewardship Study Program. He has been a Danforth Fellow, a Crosson Fellow at the University of Notre Dame Center for Philosophy of Religion, and a Plummer Fellow at Oxford University. He writes and speaks widely on the interdisciplinary implications of evolutionary approaches to altruism and morality.

Tremper Longman III (Ph.D., Yale University) is Robert H. Gundry Professor of Biblical Studies at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. He is also Visiting Professor of Old Testament at Mars Hill Graduate School, Visiting Professor of Old Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary and adjunct of Old Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary. He lectures regularly at Mars Hill, Regent College in Vancouver and the Canadian Theological Seminary in Calgary. Longman is the author or coauthor of over twenty books, including How to Read Genesis, How to Read the Psalms, How to Read Proverbs and Literary Approaches to Biblical Interpretation, and coeditor of A Complete Literary Guide to the Bible. He has also co-authored the textbook An Introduction to the Old Testament with Raymond B. Dillard.

Scientist and physician, Dr. S. Joshua Swamidass is an Assistant Professor at the Washington University School of Medicine, having earned his MD and Computer Science PhD at the University of California, Irvine. The author of How Deep is Your Dungeon?, an artful engagement with the biblical story of Job and the nature of human suffering, he has spent time volunteering in medical projects in Mexico, India, and the United States. As a Scientist-Christian, he often wonders about the synergies and tensions between faith and science. His current research focuses on designing computational infrastructure (hardware, data, and algorithms) that can help experimental researchers discover and refine novel medicines.

 Is there an inherent conflict between the Biblical creation narrative in Genesis 1-3 and the modern scientific theory of evolution?

Does one have to reject evolution and the modern scientific enterprise to affirm the Christian faith?

Likewise does one have to reject the Christian faith to affirm modern science?

On the surface there appears to be tension between the two, but maybe there is more space, more intellectual breathing room, when dealing with these questions than previously thought. Dr. Tremper Longman and Dr. Jeff Schloss, preeminent scholars in their fields, not only ask the very same questions but give us compelling reasons to believe that this presupposed conflict is unnecessary.

Listen in on a conversation between a Old Testament scholar and a Biologist as they wrestle with this important topic. This is an excellent discussion on the subject of correct interpretation of Genesis, and Scripture as a whole, as well as general issues of Science & Faith interactions. I recommend you listen/watch right to the end, including the informative Q&A session.

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