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God and Science: In Classroom and PulpitGod and Science: In Classroom and Pulpit by Graham Buxton

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Controversies about science and faith – especially debates about creation and evolution – continue to engage Christian teachers and pastors. How do they deal with such questions and respond with answers that are both informed and intelligent?   This book acknowledges that science can be an uncomfortable topic in Christian schools and churches. The authors recognise that teachers and pastors need a framework for thinking through the hype surrounding these topics so that they can identify the genuine core concerns of people of faith.

Written by three highly respected and experienced educators and pastors, the book will assist in creating a conversation and dialogue on how to discuss science and faith in an open and honest way. It will also help teachers and pastors in their ministry of shaping the minds and hearts of members of the Christian community.

REV DR GRAHAM BUXTON is the Director of the Graeme Clark Research Institute and Head of Postgraduate Studies in the School of Ministry, Theology and Culure at Tabor Adelaide. He is an ordained Anglican minister with extensive experience in pastoral ministry.

REV DR MARK WORTHING is Senior Research Fellow with the Graeme Clark Research Institute. He is well-published and active as a conference speaker in the field of science and religion. Mark is also an ordained Lutheran pastor.

REV CHRIS MULHERIN has degrees in Engineering, Philosophy and Theology and is currently writing a doctorate on scientific and religious knowledge. He is an Anglican Minister and has spent thirteen years working in Argentina.


The book is available through the Graeme Clark Research Institute at Tabor Adelaide.